7 Top Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas for Healthy Living

Have you heard about this famous saying “Food is medicine”? If you heard this before then you are lucky enough to read this article on 7 Top Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas. Nowadays people’s mind is fronting to have good food but world is polluted enough and busy in producing unhealthy foods. So health became worse which leads to obesity, diabetes, blood pressure etc. Past is past, this is the time to get back our health.

Among them many people face major issue called obesity.

Follow Top Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas, if you are interested in having the right food for your health and reduce your body weight to the rightful weight with right diet.

7 Top Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas
1. Start your day with Green Tea
2. Enhance your meal with Fiber containing food
3. Add some Yogurt in diet
4. Enjoy having these Seeds
5. Have egg and meat?
6. Broccoli
7. Nuts
  1. Start your day with Green Tea

If you are a Tea lover then thank me later. Having Green tea brings multiple benefits especially in losing weight it does wonder. You from where this culture has started? Usually Japanese drinks more green tea to keep them young and energetic throughout the day. It contains polyphenol which plays crucial part in weight loss. It also has catechins which help in burning the cholesterol. It has anti-oxidants which help to remove toxins from your body so that you feel youthful. Drinking more may leads to some side effects; take twice a day which is more than enough to keep you stable.

  1. Enhance your meal with Fiber containing food

Fiber rich food keeps your tummy full so that low quantity is enough for your day. Some complications in digestive system leads to constipation so having good fiber rich food keeps you digestion and excretion happy! These fibers are rich in fruits and vegetables as well as in Oat meal. Oat meal is also friendly for diabetic patients. Insulin level doesn’t spike and which keeps your stomach full as well healthy and helps in weight loss. Look how many benefits in single food to help Weight Loss with Breakfast Ideas, so it’s better to have this right? Don’t have more in urge eat stable and get more benefits

  1. Add some Yogurt in diet

One more tip out of the Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas. Lot get confused between curd and yogurt. So let me clear it first, there are lot of difference in preparing as well as the healthy microbes present in them. Among those yogurt there is something special called Greek yogurt which is more helpful in managing muscles especially for those people who work out and weight lifters their muscle tissue may get damaged at times so having this Greek yogurt helps you in preventing your muscle tissue. Curd contains 3 to 4 grams of protein but Greek yogurt contains 8 to 10 grams of protein.

  1. Enjoy having these Seeds

I am talking about the two famous seeds in weight loss. Can you guess? They are Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds that can help losing your weight.

i) Chia seeds:

People usually have misconception in identifying sabja seeds and chia seeds both look little similar as well as both helps in weight loss. But when you are in need to buy chia seeds then its important to identify it properly and buy it. It is rich in omega 3 anti acids. It is commonly said to be stress free food. Even diabetic patients can consume this which maintains the level of insulin. Whenever this seeds are put into water they start to bulge which make the seed to float and which makes you feel that your tummy full.

ii) Flax seeds:

Recent days these flax seeds caught the attention of many people. When this is seed is grained into powder and when this is consumed in hot water it reduces your cholesterol and this is highly recommended in reducing belly fat. This also contains more fiber. There is an anti-oxidant called lignans which doesn’t help you directly in reducing your fat but indirectly helps in rejuvenate your body cells and reduces bad cholesterol. This contains more protein so if you are vegetarian who needs more protein other than meat then this is a best choice I would say! Ready to consume flax seeds?

  1. Have egg and meat?

This tip from 7 Top Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas is actually not for all the Vegetarians and Non Vegetarians this ultimately for you.
Meat and Egg contains more protein. Having them in appropriate quantity keeps you hail and healthy. Especially diabetic patients who want to manage blood sugar levels as well as maintain weight egg is a good option. Having 2 eggs for breakfast can bring more energy as keeps your stomach full. And egg yolk has calcium and eye protecting anti-oxidants.

  1. Broccoli

It has more health benefits many people in India are not much used to this but western people have this in their main diet always it has good amount of nutrients. This broccoli goes well with any of the veggies. Let me tell you an easy recipe.
Add broccoli, mushroom, some bell peppers, tomato, onion and add pepper and salt for your taste. Saute it well and if you love to add some scrambled egg then it is fine add them and have them this is more than enough for your breakfast. Healthy and tasty is all we need right?

  1. Nuts

Combination of nuts like Walnuts and Almonds can bring good nutrition to your body but at the same time it contains fat component so taking them in right proportion will help you.
When you start to avoid snacks in dieting process nuts will help you not to “Go in nuts” Anyone can consume this in right quantity. Before eating this remember not to eat fried or salty nuts. Other than this these nuts helps more and more as an snack alternate and nutritional food.


Below mentioned are those foods which should be avoided:

• Please avoid high calorie foods
• Avoid pancakes and pastries with lot of sugar
• Don’t eat processed food which is a scam. Unhealthy food makes your entire system corrupt.
• If you are suffering from any health issues then check your food once and twice before you adopt.

We have discussed lot regarding nutrition, weight loss breakfast ideas etc.

What you have to remember is taking any food doesn’t matter but the proportion and the frequency of eating is to be kept in mind. Enjoy your meal in right quantity.

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