Quirky Ways to Attract Customers – 3 Easy Tips

What should I do to attract customers?

Every business owner probably asks themselves this same question every day.

It’s an essential question as customers are the core of your business. Activities that attract customers to your business every day will certainly help your business to be more profitable, more visible, and more necessary as more and more people see your business as a staple.

So you’ve probably gone the traditional route already by placing advertising, making signs, doing discount promotions and sales. Now you are looking to broaden your reach of customers, bring in some new customers, and keep motivating your existing customers.

Well it may be time to think outside the box to achieve this goal. Especially if you know that budget is a consideration since you’ve probably used most of that already at this point.

So here are three quirky advertising tricks that have been successfully used to get people storming through the door.

1. Stop Being So Serious

Every hour of everyday there is something serious for people to think about. Whether its work, getting good grades at quirky ways to attract customers school, what to cook for dinner, or how to make ends meet. Sometimes people need an escape from the seriousness. That is why television shows have become more comical and entertaining than dramatic and somber. Take a cue from television producers and put a little humor and light heartedness in your messages you send out to your customers.

Get a Twitter account and send out encouraging tweets like : “It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, all that matters is where you are going.” ~Brian Tracy

Instagram and Pinterest are new social media platforms that are increasingly popular . What’s cool about these is that they are more picture based. Post fun and cool pics or products or people utilizing your products. A service business may consider pictures that include quotes.

Get a mobile text marketing account and send out text messages of jokes or one liners even encouraging quotes.

2. Do A Contest

Do you own a photo stop? Then do a model contest. There are tons of modeling hopefuls out there who would love to enter. Your grand prize can be a billboard or large photo displayed in the store and use of their image in advertising. You will certainly get a lot of people inquiring and wanting to participate.

Own a restaurant? Then a food eating contest might create a buzz.

Contests are a great way to get free advertising because you can put out a press release announcing the contest and you will get a new interest of people wishing to enter. Your local news publication may even come attend your event or interview you which will add even more publicity for your business to attract customers.

Be sure to include some sort of utilization of your product or service into the participation requirements. This way new customers unfamiliar with your brand will have a chance to experience your product or service

3. Start A Blog

Starting a blog is a surefire way to reach a whole new audience of customers, a world wide web worth. J

Your blog will allow you to communicate and feature different products or service offerings all at the same time

Making sure that your blog links to your other social media accounts is key. You can direct people to your blog from those account.

Be sure that it is SEO friendly and has fresh content to keep the interest and traffic coming.

Your blog can also let you know what type of customers you’re attracting and you could provide a place for you to get feedback so you can improve your services which will in turn attract more customers to your business.

These are quirky fairly easy and inexpensive ways to attract customers. You might have to step outside of the box if you truly want to attract customers.

Remember this saying, nobody wants to be sold to, but everybody wants to buy. So you have to put your stuff out there for them to see it but don’t try to sell. Being quirky, different and relatable is the true key to attract customers to your business.

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