Best Certifications of 2021 in the World

This article presents an interesting comparison of two of the most popular IT certifications in the world today. There are many potential reasons for this, and every company should be interested in having their products assessed for these two giants. Microsoft has long held the monopoly on “the dumbest certification” (no pun intended), but recently Cisco has begun to challenge that dominance. Let’s compare these two giants to see how they stack up.

Microsoft is a well-established technology company with decades of experience in software engineering and computer science. They currently hold several certifications, including Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, Microsoft qualified Application Specialist, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Qualified Database Administrator, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, Microsoft Certified System Designer, Microsoft Certified Information Technology, and Microsoft Application Specialist. In addition, Microsoft also holds a variety of industry-specific certifications, including CompTIA A+, CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, MCSA, and other specialized certifications such as CompTIA CTP 2, CompTIA CTT, and other specialized certifications. Cisco is a recognized telecom equipment provider with several different certifications, including Cisco Certified Network Associate, Cisco Certified Technology Specialist, Cisco Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Wireless LAN Technician, Cisco Certified Web Associate, Cisco Certified Wireless Technician, Cisco Application Development Professional, Cisco Certified Information Technology Consultant, and Cisco Application Specialist. Cisco also holds hardware-based solutions such as Cisco Identity Technology, Cisco Mobile Computing products, Cisco Nexus Networking products, Cisco Live Edge, Cisco Mobile Manager, Cisco Partner Objectives, and several other Cisco products.

As you can see, both Cisco and Microsoft have a wide range of certifications to support their expertise in networking and computing today. But which one is the “better” choice? In general, it seems like Microsoft is more favored because it offers more types of products that are easier to sell. On the flip side, Cisco has proven superior functionality for both networked and single-site applications. No matter what type of applications you’re planning on implementing or utilizing, make sure that your company has a certification to back up whatever it’s doing.

Microsoft AZ-303 Certification Exam

Microsoft AZ-303 is the Microsoft Certification for architects in heavy-duty cloud and platform environments. It is the first Microsoft certification to be offered in a hybrid model. Microsoft AZ-303 covers the full range of architect technology from visual basic to excel programming. Every architect must implement these technologies to comply with the guidelines of Microsoft. These guidelines must be implemented for the overall development lifecycle, from planning, design, execution, and maintenance.

Microsoft AZ-303 practice exams are prepared by Microsoft experts in consultation with actual exam takers. Passing the examination proves that one has mastered the various azure architect technologies and is ready to face the challenges in the architecture industry. The actual test consists of two parts. The first part consists of three topics, all of which are related to the subject matter of Microsoft AZ-303. The second part consists of ten multiple-choice questions, each short answer option based on previously marked sections of the exam paper.

Once you pass the examination, you become a certified Microsoft AZ-303 holder. As a certified holder, you will have a greater chance of getting higher-paying jobs, as people will look at your resume more closely when looking for an architect. You will also be able to secure projects that may otherwise go unfunded due to the market shortage of qualified Microsoft architects. Your name will also be entered into databases of Microsoft project partners, which will give you a steady flow of work. With this experience, you can easily land a job in any area of engineering or architecture.

NetApp NS0-303 Certification Exam

The NetApp Certified Technology Associate (NCDA) certification is one of the most popular certifications offered by NetApp. It’s a strong credential that allows professionals like IT professionals, servers administrators, and network designers to gain entry into the exciting world of the commercial cloud. To get started in this lucrative industry, you first need to pass the exam. Most online courses offer study material, practice tests, and tutorials, and several books cover subjects like infrastructure, management, performance, and diagnosing issues that show up on the exam.

In addition to studying with available materials, candidates can also take advantage of NetApp Certified Technology Associate (BTCA) practice tests. This practice material is created by NetApp and is freely available for use by students, instructors, and other professionals.
Candidates can test their knowledge of the NetApp technologies, gain hands-on experience with labs, and understand the kinds of questions they will likely be asked on the actual exam. These practice tests aim to familiarize candidates with the NetApp technologies and see how well they understand the questions and answer them. Most of these practice tests involve questions that are based on the NetApp architecture.

Candidates who successfully pass the first two parts of the examination, the Fundamentals, and the Hands-On labs, should pass the final exam based on the third core component, functionality. Exams4sure helps you to pass the NetApp NS0-003 Exam easily.

Candidates who successfully passed the NetApp Certified Technology Associate exam must follow the directions for the certification. Exam study material, practice tests, and tutorials can be purchased from the NetApp website. Candidates can also attend classes sponsored by the NetApp organization. It ensures that candidates get expert assistance from experienced Netappers and receive the maximum support for their exams. To enhance their chances of passing the NetApp examination, students should follow the NetApp Certification Guidelines. With these in place, they can have confidence that they will pass the exam and obtain the certification.

Cisco 700-755 Certification Exam

The Cisco 700-755 Exam Guide is the ultimate answer to all of your questions. You might be one of those individuals interested in learning about the most recent innovations of web technology and the latest programs from Cisco Systems. You might not have a clear idea about the importance of these programs and what their results might be after trying them. The Cisco system might be too technical and complicated, and you need to have someone who knows these things explain them to you in a straightforward way.

This comprehensive study guide from Cisco puts everything orderly and gives you a natural feel of the exam. You can easily pass your exam with the help of 700-755 exam materials. Otherwise, the time you take to clear the exam will just be wasted, and you will get a negative score. The pass rate of this test is 97% for Cisco 700-755 exam guide. You can easily pass your exam just by using the guidance given in this book. If you are worried about your preparation, you should go for the mock exam before anything else. It will help you a lot in focusing your mind on the various points in the exam.

Last Words

This book contains two well-organized CDs and some sample questions that are very difficult to solve. The test-study material helps help you understand the concepts clearly and know the answers within a short period. Apart from that, you will also learn different techniques and strategies used by many top IT professionals worldwide. That is why this book is regarded as the best resource for Cisco exams.

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