Car Detailing Guide To Keep Your Car Brand New Forever

Traveling on the roads of Dubai and feeling the pleasant breeze pass you by is undoubtedly an incredible experience. Today in this article we will discuss about car detailing tips and tricks which can help in countless ways. But it can only be done if your car is in an excellent state. And to keep it that way, it is vital to only opt for the best tyre shops in Dubai while choosing the right battery and quality engine oil. Car cleaning and maintenance can undoubtedly feel like a chore at times, but it is highly integral.

It often becomes complex for people to understand where to start proper car care. Sometimes, it can feel like a never-ending maze that often leads to making wrong decisions.

Car Detailing
Car Detailing

However, with timely efforts, it is no doubt that you will be able to become the owner of a car that never gets old.

Let’s get straight into the steps you can take to help your car stay newer than ever:

Car Detailing At Home

You may be thinking, why should you do car detailing when an auto detailer can do it for you. It is no doubt that a professional will leave you thoroughly clean. You might even think that it will save you considerable money. But the reality is quite the opposite.

A professional will indeed do a fantastic job. But doing it occasionally all by yourself will leave your vehicle looking squeaky clean all year round. Regardless of the weather, your car will remain surprisingly breath-taking and prevent any costly repairs. You wouldn’t even have to worry about any last-minute breakdowns. There are countless benefits of car detailing at home, such as:

  • You will be saving money on extra labor as you will be doing it yourself. There wouldn’t be any chance of running out of supplies.
  • The car will stay clean for a more extended amount of time and continuously smell great.

Picking Up Quality Products

Before the car cleaning process, you may want to consider choosing quality products as well. They have an extended life span, helping you not worry about too much expense as suitable components will prevent buying newer things after every few months.

Durable Tyres, Pleasant Journeys

You can check Michelin tyres offers if you look for quality that speaks. They will also enhance the overall driving experience and the vehicle’s performance. When buying a tyre you need to look out for Tread and purpose. A mismatched tyre will hinder if even you have to cover short distances.

Tread is another name for knowing the tyre’s quality. You can determine the longevity, wear rate, rolling resistance, and overall ride and handling. A tyre having quality attributes qualifies as durable and works great in every weather condition. Moreover, you should know the purpose of each tyre as not each of them is made to serve every purpose. Some may work well for smooth surfaces, while others might be suitable for rough terrains or off-road challenges. Therefore if you have the best tyre brand, it is vital to pick the correct one for the intended purpose. You should also check couple of the following features related to car detailing:

  • Impressive wet and dry handling ability
  • Solid brake efficiency

A good tyre will enhance fuel efficiency due to the low rolling friction. Since there are only right components, they last long with a slow wearing rate. You don’t have to stress noise issues; instead, experience robust control and high-speed stability. You can find good car tyres prices in Dubai or consult a tyre shop professional to make the correct decisions.

Oil & Lubricants: Engine oil plays a significant role in keeping the car parts up and running. The primary purpose of the lubricants is to keep the part moving of the engine that remains in constant friction. And if you avoid paying attention to it, it increases part wear due to the conflict and combustion taking place the engine’s temperature irises.

The lubrication reduces the heat that helps cool some parts. As a primary factor that enhances the battery’s performance, it also assists in removing the microscopic deposits that pile up in the engine and stay in suspension. The residue that accumulates over time becomes a significant issue in the engine’s performance. The engine oil carries the impurities to the oil filter and protects the engine surface from harmful deposits. With Automotive Lubricants UAE, you can find some of the best engine oils at the best price.

Additionally, fuel combustion creates corrosive acid that can cause wreckage to the engine’s metal parts. Modern engine oils such as Castrol Engine Oil consist of additives that slow the corrosions process. However, you may need to consider that due to the contact of engine oil with the oxygen, the engine’s performance eventually decreases. And therefore, it is vital to change it occasionally.

Battery: The battery is nothing less than a heart to your vehicle. It powers all the necessary components that enable it to start and perform. Car Battery is essential as it is nothing less than a pulse of your car. The last thing you would require is to choose one of secondary quality. You can go for a well-known brand such as ACDelco Battery for good results. Or you may even check Cat battery price in Dubai to let go of the constant worries of car breakdown. As a central power hub, you may want to keep an eye on it to give a timely update. Multiple signs can help you understand if it’s time for a replacement.

Exterior Detailing

When it comes to exterior car detailing, you should:

  • Use quality products to remove the dirt and debris that may otherwise be difficult to remove with simply water. It helps remove any surface gunk and returns the natural shine. By doing so, you can also identify any hidden issues under the surface. It is best to use a wash mitt or a microfiber alongside a low pH car wash shampoo. It will avoid scratches.

If exterior cleaning seems a hassle to comprehend, you can buy a DIY detailing kit to turn it all easy-peasy and quick.

Interior Detailing

Interior Car Detailing
Interior Car Detailing

Start with removing all the unnecessary trash present inside the car. Next, remove the mats and clean them with a car wash soap and a brush. A microfiber duster will help clean all the interior places. With a solid or mild cleaner depending upon the vehicle’s condition, you can get rid of all the stains. Choose a foaming upholstery cleaner spray it on a cloth to leave the whole place squeaky clean. You can clean the leather with an organic cleanser or a citrus solution. When all is done, clean the glass in the last.


Initially, car care can sound extremely difficult, but once you get the hang of it, you find it quite enjoyable to do. You can also take proper guidance from professionals such as CTC, a well-known Al Rostamani Company member. With consistent and correct strategies, it is no doubt that your car will remain in first-class condition for years to come.

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