Uses of Conveyors To Boost Your Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouses and industries majorly depend on one piece of automated material handling equipment that keeps the products moving and orders flowing, that is, conveyors. Undoubtedly, automation is playing a pivotal role in modern-day industries to keep up the business’s competitive edge in this tech-oriented world.

The installation of a suitable conveyor can significantly boost warehouse production for swift and straightforward transportation of a wide variety of products. Conveyor system proves to be a cost-effective investment to streamline warehouse operations.

However, business owners and warehouse managers should keep in mind certain factors before the implementation of the conveyor system in the warehouse, which leads us to the second heading of this article.

Factors to Consider

Let’s have a look at few crucial factors which warehouse managers should not neglect at any cost while the acquisition of conveyor system:

  • Safety considerations
  • Fit with the existing material handling equipment within the warehouse premises
  • Speed of the material throughput
  • The environment within the facility
  • Amount of workspace available
  • Type of material to transport

Use of Roller Conveyor

The most common use of roller conveyors within the warehouse premises and in the material handling industry is the reliable, accurate, and efficient transportation of pallets, boxes, and totes.

Use of Belt Conveyor

Traveling products from one location to another on a belt conveyor at a consistent speed regardless of shape or weight is the most common use of this innovative technology in the material handling industry. This effective use makes them an ideal conveyor solution for the utilization of gapping and tracking products.


Hence, the best practice for warehouse managers and business owners is to perform thorough research and deep analysis before implementing a conveyor system within the warehouse premises. They should choose the right conveyor for their specific purpose that guarantees a significant increase in production, and easy transportation of diverse products. There are many conveyor systems that are custom-designed, merging several distinct types of conveyors to fulfill a specific brief resulting in a totally automated system.

Are you looking for a warehouse automation software provider? There you go!

McCombs-Wall Inc. Engineering is a single-source provider that offers ideal solutions all across the United States of America (USA). They design and implement forward-thinking material handling solutions to boost a business’s supply chain’s profitability, sustainability, and efficiency. In addition, they continuously strive to exceed the expectations of their customers through their exceptional support and services.

They offer the following technologies:

  • Conveyor systems
    • Package and tote handling
    • Parcel and mail handling
    • Manufacturing and assembly
    • Food and beverage
    • Cross-docking
    • Pallet and drum handling
    • Downlines and chutes
    • Trailer loading and unloading
    • Spiral conveyors and vertical lifts
  • Sortation systems
    • Sliding shoe sorters
    • Narrow belt sorters
    • Pop-up wheel sorters
    • Tilt tray or Cross Belt
    • Carton flow or pallet flow
    • Viper sorter or sweep sorter
  • Goods to Person
    • Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS)
    • GTP carousels
    • Mobile robots
    • Vertical lift module
  • Order fulfillment
    • Voice directed picking
    • Pick to light
    • Order carousels
    • Goods to person
    • Automated picking
    • Zone routing
  • End of line automation
    • In motion scale manifesting
    • Print and apply applications
    • Carton forming and induction
    • Packing and sealing
    • Palletizing/stretch wrapping
    • Custom application

Apart from that, here are the partner firms to which there resells and integrates:

  • Lightning Pack
  • Knapp
  • Kindred
  • SI Systems A-Frames
  • Hannibal
  • Hanel
  • Modsort(Regal Beloit)
  • ID technologies
  • Intralox
  • TGW
  • Interroll
  • Intelligrated Honeywell
  • Effimat
  • OPEX
  • Gray Orange
  • Hytrol

Furthermore, the following are the technology companies to which they usually integrate with but do not resells are as follow:

  • SICK
  • Beckhoff
  • Cognex
  • BestPack
  • Rockwell Automation

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