Different Types of Writing Skills : 8 of them to Know

Writing skills are the most important nowadays because it is the bridge that fills the gap and make communication possible as it is the major source for communication. People think that communication is very easy so same is with writing also, but it is not true.

Writing have its different rules and there are various types of writing skills as well, so if the person who is excellent in communication that doesn’t mean he is superb in writing as well. There’s a big difference in between these two things.

Writing is divided into eight different types of writing skills which are named as below:

  1. Expository
  2. Persuasive
  3. Narrative
  4. Descriptive
  5. Objective
  6. Subjective
  7. Creative
  8. Review

Let’s talk about all of the above listed different types of writing skills in brief:

1. Expository Writing:

It is one of the finest and common skills of writing. In this writing, the main focus is on giving suggestions or advice and on describing things as well. When we read our textbooks what we see that these are describing us the topics and in some places, they also advise us like what to do what to not so these are the best example of expository writing.

2. Persuasive Writing:

This is just opposite to the expository writing. This writing will give justification, opinion, and explain someone’s point of view or their understanding. The main motive of choosing this writing in your stories is to change the reader’s mind according to your opinion. Examples of these writing skills are letters of the complaint, editorial page, etc.

3. Narrative Writing:

As the name itself indicates that it is used for the narration of the stories where either they tell about the fact or fiction as well. This is one of the creative styles of writing because in it many things are involved because the narrator adds imagination, drama, action, dialogue etc. These all things make this creative. Examples of these kinds of writing are Novels, stories, short stories, poems, etc.

4. Descriptive Writing:

This is also clear from its name itself that it write the thing in description. Its only purpose is to describe the thing completely. Like if you are reading a novel and then there is a description of the lead role hero so that is the descriptive writing their which describes the role of that person.

If you are going for an event and on pamphlet your read about that so this is the descriptive writing where there is all information about the event. Examples of this kind of writing are Diary writing, and poetry, etc.

5. Objective Writing

In this type of writing, there is something that supports the reality of facts, etc. The information which is written in those writing is well researched and proved by scientist as well. The author doesn’t have to force readers about their opinion they have to free the reader and let them free to make their own opinion about the facts.

This type of writing is a kind of formal writing like everything is just well organized with great writing skills which make it look formal. The lines present in this kind of writing are up to the mark or to the point so that the readers don’t puzzle in the words. So in these formal writing, the writer doesn’t have to use these kinds of words like: never, always, very, etc.

6. Subjective Writing:

These kinds of writings are related to opinion writing or sharing your opinions. The author who makes the story will write his own emotions, beliefs, feelings, imagination, etc. The author doesn’t bother anyone about the genuineness of the material which he adds to the story.

Subjective writing is all about that the story which you read is completely based on the author’s opinion like what he thinks? How does he think? That’s all totally related to him so there will be no fact and universal truth in it it’s all about the opinion and thinking so if anyone shares their personal story so this means that he/she is writing the subjective writing.

7. Creative Writing

As the name itself tells about this type of writing is that making new things which are unique. This is opposite of the formal or professional writing it is different from all the writings. We see the writing fiction, horror crimes, biographies, sketch making, scripted stories, short stories etc.

These all are came under this creative writing. Creative means the thing which is drawn by imagination. From all kinds of types of writing it is the most popular job in the market like people literally looking for creative writers because they want that uniqueness in their work.

If anybody due to bad luck or any other reason didn’t find a job so most of the peoples are running their channels on social media, including YouTube and many other websites as well and they are doing very well. It is the most demanding job nowadays. There are proper classes of these skills as well to improve the creativity of writers as well.

8. Review Writing

As you all know about the newest trend which is all about reviewing things. People are love to review each and everything nowadays including food, restaurant, cafe, products, Laptops, androids, accessories etc.

They love to review all kinds of things which they want to use. When people think about purchasing something from online websites then the first thing they are doing after selecting the product is reading about their reviews so that they’ll get the idea about the product from those peoples who are actually using the product. Some of the companies also offer to pay money for reviewing their products so that they’ll attract more traffic towards their websites and people will trust them easily.

Review writing can be written alone; there will be the inclusion of persuasive and descriptive writing as well in this for reviewing the products beautifully with complete description.

These all are types of writing.

We hope the above mentioned writing skills will help you in your writing career and also add a value.

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