Fashion marketing how to create a winning strategy

The golden rules of fashion business? Inventing oneself and being able to continuously reinvent oneself, especially in a world so full of competitors who struggle to emerge, and always be one step ahead.

They need effective strategies of fashion marketing, able to cure the relationship with the public and with users, which should be as direct as possible: the web is a perfect tool to achieve this. The brand approaches the consumer, establishing a very informal relationship of trust with him: the customer wants to be part of the project.

Everything now has its own central aspect, which is experiential: fashion makes no difference and fashion marketing undoubtedly takes this into account. You buy an emotion, together with the product: they are one and inseparable thing.

This is precisely the first winning strategy, the one where the person is put at the center with his particular peculiarities. At the beginning, smaller companies and emerging ones realized that the web was a preferential channel for intercepting the public. An operation that over time have also learned to structure luxury brands.

Another strategy to connect with users is to create a sort of continuous “journey” to discover the brand as such: from the production process with all its curiosities and “green” secrets, we now arrive at the live streaming of the fashion show. On the catwalk and to the final applause of the models. The connection is increasingly widespread, it is a window on the evolution of the brand itself.

Advertising campaigns and trend research

Working in fashion marketing also consists in managing promotional and advertising campaigns, directing social media so that they are able to convey what is the identity of the brand and its intrinsic personality (brand awareness).

In fact, in this sector, garments and accessories must be easily identifiable with a brand and its values. In addition, a new target is also being developed, increasingly attentive to respect for the environment.

This is why, in this case, an interesting “product oriented marketing” strategy could be to invest in natural fibers.

Before going to define the marketing objectives, a research phase will still be necessary. Which sectors will end up under the magnifying glass? The tastes and trends of the moment will certainly be identified, to be combined with those of the past and to be studied at a sociological level as well. It is also a way to define the type of person who can thus be interested in a particular fashion proposal.

The role of the modern ‘word of mouth’ of influencers

For the success of a fashion marketing strategy, figures outside the company can also compete, carrying out an activity that can be identified broadly as an evolution of the good old word of mouth: they are fashion bloggers and fashion influencers, who have often become decisive figures for promoting various fashion products for a certain brand.

As for structured figures, undoubtedly the fashion marketer is also central: his role is to define which specific characteristics of an object are able to guide the perception of the brand in the consumer. Not to mention the ranks of copywriters , content managers and designers, but also visual merchandisers – the latter with the task of taking care of the setting and display in the final point of sale – and fashion buyers, who plan the set-ups and coordinate the warehouse.

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