Many of them love to travel and most probably this 2020 must have ruined all your plans because of this COVID 19 pandemic situation, yes we all faced a hard situation but don’t worry “This too shall pass”.

Good days are getting near, so let’s start to plan our travel in prior. There amazing destinations in the world to visit some of them are listed below. Whatever may be your travel category like solo, couple, family, friends, or whatever it may be these destinations suit best to enjoy. Let’s get started exploring some interesting Travel Destinations 2021.

Travel Destinations 2021:

  2. JAPAN
  5. EGYPT


They are just stunning in all categories. These people are the friendliest wherever you go they guide you amazingly and they are warm-hearted people and so inviting so it will easy about the Irish culture never gets complete without music they have their music when you are looking for a cultural museum, live show, performance, experience Irish culture is much accessible.

Their population is low but still, they got an energetic community there is no doubt they have the unspoiled beauty of nature, and sunrise and sunset over the Atlantic Ocean will be stunning which catches your eyes and heart without any doubt. There are hundreds of beaches with white sandy settings with tranquil waters. Ireland got only 4.75 million people where summer is the best time for road trips, not much traffic without any hurry burry you can enjoy nature. Therefore, do not miss considering Ireland as one of your Travel Destinations in 2021.

  1. JAPAN

Japan is an island country of East Asia that has nine forest ecoregions that reflect the climate and geography of the islands. There is a lot to explore in the expanse of forested hills and mountains and there is lots of flora and fauna to explore.

You may doubt how to travel don’t worry they got the best public transportation which is one of the most efficient and reliable public transport systems in the world. Japan’s city will be so clean and they need to be appreciated in the effort of maintaining their city clean. Japan got an eye-catching summer festival which is so colorful called the Matsuri festival which takes place all over the country.

And they celebrate Christmas with more joy and if you are planning your visit during Christmas you are advised to visit the Sapporo snow festival. They got unique castles with fascinating architecture and elegant appearance. If you are a foodie then sure you need to taste Japanese food they are unique and delicious especially sushi and ramen. Japan is the birthplace of karaoke there are currently 100,000 karaoke boxes and bars across the country.

So, do not miss japan in your travel destinations 2021 bucket list.


A city in Austria called Vienna is called a “City with the best quality of life” which has good air, cheap rents and they got fantastic culture to explore. One amazing thing I would like to say is if you are a cake lover then this place is a heaven for you they got a bakery in every other street. Austrians are so passionate about their food and coffee though.

Their coffee houses are unique, and you can’t find it anywhere in the world. And they have spectacularly stylish architectural styles those buildings are beautifully innovative and built with forwarding thinking architects. They have a rich history and their winter sports are amazing to watch like gliding, slipping, and sliding. The bus and train routes offer relatively inexpensive and stress-free rides and all of the major cities are beautifully connected.

Don’t forget to add this Travel Destinations 2021 to your bucket list buddies.


To be frank New Zealand is a dreamland for many people including me because it got rich landscapes, breathtaking coastlines, glaciers, geothermal treasures, and treasurable glowworm caves. I would say the hospitality of the people in New Zealand is unbeatable it is so common people who smile at strangers and say hello to them. New Zealanders are polite and friendly.

It is one of the safest places to visit you can walk comfortably at night in all the major cities and solo travelers can enjoy with a warm welcome. And women who are planning for a solo trip would be the best choice I would say. There are stunning adventure activities like jet boating, kayaking, skydiving, Heli skiing, etc. Adventure lovers don’t miss these spots are just brainstorming.

And do you love Hiking? There are a lot of options in New Zealand’s great walk that have become a favorite among local and visiting hikers of all abilities. There is beauty in whatever season you go, greatest attractions, and autumn festival brings plenty of foliage to admire as the temperature gets down. Summers are the best time to enjoy the coastlines. There is incredibly diverse wildlife awaits herewith reserves and zoos which are located in Auckland, Rotorua, and Wellington. There are eye-catching lakes that amaze you with once in a lifetime sight.

Guys don’t miss adding this place in your Travel Destinations 2021 bucket list.

  1. EGYPT

Egypt is a place that is budget-friendly with awesome sights to watch and filled with cultural gems. They have the Nile, ancient monuments, vast deserts, word famous coral reefs, etc. they are just mesmerizing land I would say. This place is also recommended for the adventure lovers because they got thrilling desert safaris, camel rides, quad biking across the western desert in Egypt.

Do visit with your family and friends to make your rides still more exciting. From the abundance of ancient sites to explore to luxurious resorts, like Four seasons Resorts, dream beach Resort and Hurghada Marriott beach resort will get plenty of options for world-class accommodation facilities available here. There is a bazar called Khan el Khalili bazaar a true paradise for shopping lovers. They got statues, silver jewelry to the clothes everything you get under the roof.

So, you got one more destination to add to your bucket list of Travel Destinations 2021.

Readers, please share with us your views in comments section on whether you would consider the above-mentioned Travel Destinations to visit in 2021.

Do not forget to keep yourself healthy before travelling by following various Breakfast Ideas for Healthy Living and also by adding Daily Yoga to your schedule.

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