What Is Full-Service EDDM And How to Make It More Effective for Your Business?

A detailed article on Full-Service EDDM and the ways to make it more effective for your business.

As you’re offering a service or a product to appeal to a large audience, you must cast a wide net. If you want to get your marketing message to reach people in a neighborhood, EDDM postcards would be one of the best ways. The postcards let you target every household in a specific geographic location. As it comes to EDDM service, many reputable printing houses offer full-service Every Door Direct Mail.

What is full-service EDDM?

With regular EDDM service, the printing houses print the postcards as asked by the customers and ship the postcards to them. However, against a small fee, they also offer an additional bundling service that bundles 100 postcards with a facing slip. You just drop them off at the post office and it will take care of the distribution. You need to pay the postage for that. On the other hand, with the full-service EDDM, printing houses make it simpler for you. They do everything on your behalf. They print, bundle, postage, and finally deliver to the post office.

They do all these for one price and that is also very affordable. You just need to observe the following steps:

  • Provide them with the print-ready artwork. Even if you’re not ready with the artwork, the printers can do it for you.
  • Now you decide on the quantity you want to be mailed and accordingly let them know.
  • Finally, choose the zip code route. You can generate the list by visiting :

How can you get maximum success with these direct mail services?

  • Choose the neighborhood with your desired demographics – First, identify desired zip codes and neighborhoods that you think to have a higher number of leads. If you offer elder alert products, for instance, choose neighborhoods and zip codes having a higher percentage of senior citizens. Send out the postcards to them and expect to have a better response. Likewise, you may use demographic data based on household income and size among the routes.
  • Utilize postcards – Postcards are the best mailing pieces for EDDM. They are simple and economic to use. You can send out a pack of information through a postcard. They are useful to announce sales, the launch of new products, or the opening of a store. Postcards are available in different sizes. The size that will suit your purpose has to be approved by the USPS.
  • The number of mails according to budget – With EDDM service, you can send out up to 5000 postcards a day and that doesn’t need any additional postal permit. But if your budget is tight, you can go for a smaller number. You may also increase or decrease the radius of mailing as per your requirements and budget. Choose a reputable printing house to take care of the printing, bundling, postage, and delivering jobs.
  • Know the income and spending habit of the residents – Every zip code and neighborhood have different demographics, income level, and spending habit. If you use an incorrect neighborhood or zip code, the campaign might not give you the expected result and your money will be wasted.
  • Choose the dropping date – Ensure that your chosen printing house is able to deliver the postcards right on time so the mails can be delivered on time. To avoid such issues, full-service EDDM service would be a better option. The printing house that offers every door direct mail printing service will take care of the printing, bundling, postage, and delivery to the post office for a single price. They won’t delay in delivery. But if you want to go for regular service, drop the bundles in advance. The post office won’t start mailing as they get it. Plan beforehand, especially if it’s a time-barred event.
  • Make it inviting – EDDM can easily reach households near your business. So make it attractive that it invites the recipients to your special events such as wine tasting, clearance sales, product launching, and so on. You can also make it ‘neighborhood only’ to ensure exclusivity.
  • Keep it simple and helpful – The postcards are not meant for reading only. You should provide a solution to the problems your target audience may have. If yours is a pest control service, for instance, tell people about the technique you use for the best outcomes. Let the customers know that their infestation issues can be removed if they use your service.

These are some of the most effective ways to get the most out of the EDDM service.

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