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Google has been a blessing for all of us. With the services provided by Google, we all have advanced our qualities. There are many services provided by Google like Gmail service, Google Drive, Google docs, etc. Now Google has come with another service namely Google Classroom. Explore the article till the end to know more about Google Classroom Tutorials and much more.

What is Google Classroom?

This is a web-based tool that is free and is developed by Google. This app was launched in the year 2014. This app is mainly used for the teachers and the students.

Through this app, the teachers and students can share files. In the current situation, Google classroom is used by the teacher and students to teach and study from home.

They can also exchange assignments and projects. This app helps them to study without using and wasting a single paper. Google classroom is developed to create and distribute projects and assignments without using papers.

The user can also integrate this app with other Google services like Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Docs which we will discuss while going through Google Classroom Tutorials.

The onset of the pandemic has forced every teacher to come out of their comfort zone and to turn to teach online. Google Classroom has helped them a lot. This app has taught the teachers many techniques and to improvise on their teaching skills online.

Google Classroom is a free web service that is developed by Google with a single motive for grading the assignments without the use of paper. The main motive of Google classroom is to strategize the way of sharing files among the teachers and the students. Google classroom tutorial are very easy to use. Also, users can find many tutorials on YouTube too.

Google Classroom takes the help of Google Drive to create and distribute assignments and projects. This app can also use google docs to write the sheets and the slides.

Gmail service can be used for communication between the teachers and the students. Google calendar can be used for scheduling the projects.

Uses of Google Classroom

Let us discuss the various uses of Google Classroom:

  • Google Classroom can be used for sharing the assignments between the students and the teachers.
  • With this app, the teachers can also get the benefit of grading the assignments completed by the students.
  • This tool also helps the teachers to make important announcements to the entire class. The students can find the announcements in the mail and can also post their comments there.
  • This app helps the teachers to collect the assignments made by the students in an organized way through digitalization. The teacher can also keep track of the name of the students who have not submitted their projects on time.
  • The teachers can also attach video and audio recordings to the project or assignments for a better understanding of the students.
  • This app also allows the students to create their slides with proper information. The students can also make comments on the other student’s assignments through this app.
  • This tool also provides the students with the authority to access the assignments and the study materials shared by the teachers or other students. This tool is a very beneficial platform that helps the students to communicate with the teachers and other fellow students.

Google Classroom Features:

  • Google Classroom can also be used as a mobile app and this is very much easy to use.
  • This tool provides the utmost privacy to the users and there is no right to the leaking of personal information.
  • Google calendar helps the users to strategize and schedule the projects.
  • Google forms can also be used by the teachers for maintaining attendance and various purposes.
  • Mainly, this app can be used by the teachers and students to make and listen to the announcements, provide and receive assignments, and also engage in communications.
Google Classroom Tutorial

We shall provide Google Classroom Tutorials to set up:

Sign-in would be the first step to enter this app for both the students and the teachers. This service can be accessed with the help of a google connection.

The various types of account through which the users can sign in are:

  1. School Account
  2. Personal Google Account
  3. G Suite Account

In a Desktop or Laptop:

For signing in through a desktop or laptop:

Step 1: The user will have to open up a browser and this can be done by clicking the browser icon in the system.
Step 2: Then the user will have to type in the address tab. After typing the correct URL, the user will have to type enter
Step 3: Then the user will have to click on the Go to Classroom button.
Step 4: Then the user will have to enter the email address of their Google account and then press enter and then click on the Next button.
Step 5: Now, the user is logged on to Google Classroom.

In Mobile Version

If the user wants to access the Google Classroom on their Android device then, firstly, they would have to download and install the app. In the play store, the user will have to search the Google Play Store App and then download it.

Then, the user will have to click on the install button. Then, after some time, the app will be successfully installed on the user’s Android device.

Then after downloading and installation, the users will have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: The user shall tap on the app on their device.
Step 2: Then they will have to tap the “Get Started” button.
Step 3: They would have to tap on the “add account” option which will help the user to add the google account in the Google Classroom app. Then the user can click on the ok button.
Step 4: The last step would be to enter the email id of the user in the google account and then the user will have to click on the Next button. Voila! It is done.

Wrapping Up

Thus, we can now say how easy is to use Google Classroom and, we discussed the various benefits associated with it. This app has helped the schools and colleges carry on the education process even during this pandemic.

We hope that the above discussed, Google Classroom Tutorials was very useful for and will be useful to everyone.

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