How To Download YouTube Music?

Today, in our article we will discuss on “How To Download YouTube Music”. YouTube is the most happening thing happening nowadays. This channel has almost brought a revolution among the netizens. Almost all answer is available on YouTube. From baking a cake to stitching your old torn shirt, everything guidance video is found online. But YouTube is mostly used by the netizens to listen to the songs.

All songs from all around the world can be found on YouTube. It can be said that after YouTube came into existence, we have started experiencing the music from around the world. Earlier, our choice or knowledge about music was very much limited but YouTube gave us exposure to the world of music from all parts of the globe.

Not only music, but there are also many funny informative videos. There are also videos on various topics like tutorials, science, and many more. YouTube is another world in itself. Half of our problems are solved through YouTube. YouTube is a boon to our lives. YouTube has made tasks easy. You can listen to songs on YouTube while traveling and even while working. This helps a lot in passing time easily by following the tips and tricks of How To Download YouTube Music.

But the trending problem that we face while playing YouTube is that we cannot change the tab and move to some other feature on the phone while playing. This creates a great problem while playing YouTube.

But now, there is YouTube Music, which is there to solve all our problems. YouTube music is considered as the biggest music library in the world. With YouTube music, YouTube is all set to dominate the streaming market.

YouTube music has an inbuilt music app and this app has a specialized interface and this also has a music library consisting of uncountable music and videos. For sure, YouTube music was invented to rule. Like the other music apps, this is also a streaming app that provides access to all the audios and videos. Though this app is free there is also a premium version that is accessible for a small amount. With this premium account, you get access to multiple additional features that make your usage much enjoyable.

YouTube music originally was formed in the year 2015 but, at that time, this app was not so popular and also had some bad reviews collected from some limited users. Then it relaunched in the year 2018 with a promise to gain the hearts and confidence of the audiences.

Since then, this app is constantly updating its features following the requirements of the mass and the market. If you are looking for a streaming app, then YouTube is the best option. YouTube music today is very quickly replacing all the leading streaming apps which are planning to shut down. But YouTube music is still facing tough competitions from other dominant sharks in the market.

How to Download YouTube Music ?

Now, let us see how to Download YouTube music on our phones or other devices. This app is available in various online stores.

  • All you need to do is go to any online store, preferably google play store, and then you can search for YouTube music in the search bar.
  • Then, you can see the option to download YouTube music. After downloading the music app you will have to install it on your phone.
  • Then if you have an existing YouTube account this app will sync to the same. And if you don’t then you shall have to create a Gmail account to access YouTube music.
  • Then there will be the option of going for a free or a premium account. If you want to access the free version then you can directly move to it. But if you want to access a premium account then you will have to pay one month’s subscription. Though you will get one month’s free access to the premium account, you will have to pay in advance for the second month.

Difference between YouTube and YouTube Music

However there is one small difference between YouTube and YouTube music where YouTube music still stays behind. In YouTube music, everything can be streamed like songs, albums, and artist-based radio too. But on YouTube, apart from all these categories, you can also listen to the live performances which are not possible in YouTube music.

You can also enjoy your music offline by downloading your songs from YouTube and saving in your device through YouTube music. While you needed to stay online to listen to your favorite music on YouTube, on YouTube music, you can listen to songs offline. This means no internet and no data.

Also, you will be provided playlists and recommendations based on your taste and whatever is trending. Through YouTube Music, you can find and listen to the music, covers, and albums of your choice without going online. The good thing is that even if you don’t know the name of the song, you can easily find it by searching with the lyrics. In YouTube music, you get personalized music recommendations that are based on your taste and recent searches. You can use “The Hotlist” to listen to the trending songs.

In YouTube premium, you will get access to unlimited music, and that will be total without ads and you can even listen to uninterrupted music while your phone screen is locked or when you are working on your phone, unlike YouTube. There is a feature called office mixtape where YouTube music downloads and saves your favorite songs. After you download YouTube music, you shall get free premium service for the first month and you can listen to add free music even when offline and your screen is locked. And after one month, you will be charged monthly to enjoy premium access.

Final Verdict

YouTube music is a very useful app. In YouTube, you get all sorts of music but there are no categories of the same. But in the app, you will find a diverse category. There will be a different category of singers, artists, etc. There are also various categories of the genre like love and romance or comedy etc. YouTube Music is a magical app.

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