How To Get Twitter Verified?

Twitter is a powerful social media platform and do you know how to get Twitter verified ? We will discuss all the necessary steps and tips to have a twitter verified account.

Among the multiple social media platforms, Twitter is the most popular one. Most of the celebrities and public figures are active and quite vocal on twitter. On this platform, they share their opinions, talk about various issues, and also interact with their followers and fans.

Nowadays, lot of controversial topics are discussed on this platform which creates a sensation in the country. Almost all the government agencies and organization have their official account and all official information that would benefit the public is published through this platform.

Twitter is also considered as a microblogging platform which allows you to write short posts, and send or receive tweets. But this tweet has a certain character limit which cannot be more than 140 characters. Through it, people can share different website links or links from various resources.

Through this platform, you can follow other twitter users too while others can follow yours. And while you follow someone, their tweets will be displayed in your timeline. At the same time, your tweets will also show in theirs. Not only people or public figures, but you can also follow the various government and famous organizations to stay updated about the latest news.

Apart from this, you can write and share your tweets and then retweet them. You can also retweet the information that is tweeted by others on your platform. While you retweet a piece of information, it spreads fast and reach out to as many people as possible.

Why do people use Twitter?

Twitter is very much popular nowadays as a platform for academicians and the students too. The politicians, policymakers, and the general public use this platform as their medium of expression and information sharing.

Though many users are unable to understand and operate this platform yet, there are still many who excel at it. This social media platform has become the first choice for many. Most of them use their twitter handles through their smartphones.

What does Twitter do?

Twitter as a platform helps you:

  • to promote your research in an easy way.
  • to share your tweets and retweets with numerous people within a short period.
  • to follow the work and researches of experts in various fields.
  • to follow and interact with your seniors and experts in your field.
  • to remain informed and up-to-date with the latest news as well as share important news and information with others.
  • to not only get feedback for your work but can also provide feedback to others’.
  • to follow differently and contributing to the discussion during various events.
  • to express yourself as a person and provides space to present your opinion.

On twitter, you can tweet a variety of information like your opinions, your researches, current affairs, the political situation in your country, and many more things that you find interesting and worth sharing.

If you are a continuous user and post interesting content regularly, then it may lead to huge following and may help gain popularity. You can also tweet on behalf of any organization, or a group, etc. Twitter is a user-friendly communication tool.

Ideas on the interesting things that you can tweet:

  • You can retweet the tweets posted by famous people on important and debatable topics.
  • You can reply to the tweets shared by others.
  • You can share photographs clicked by you if you are interested in photography and then ask for a feedback.
  • You can share interesting pieces of information and news that you feel that the world needs to know.
  • You can share links to any blog or website as well as the links to your own research and publications.

Now, if you are a regular and active twitter user, then you must have seen a blue checkmark associated with the popular accounts. Most of these accounts are either a business account or account of a public figure. And if you are a business or a brand, then you must also want to know how to get twitter verified. A verified account is a symbol or a sign that your account is authentic and trustworthy.

How to Get Twitter Verified?

In Twitter, there is a verification badge in blue that is visible on the side of any account which indicates that the profile is original or authentic. Twitter is the only social media platform that verifies with a blue badge to the user. Without the badge, an account can also be suspended by Twitter.

So, let us find out how to get Twitter Verified :

  • You must fill out every detail completely including your name, your profile picture, your cover photo, your company’s website, and a bit of bio about your brand.
  • You can also share your company’s verified phone number and email address.
  • Add the date of origin or birth date.
  • You can also set the tweet status as “public”.
  • Finally, you can find the verification form and fill the details.

So now, How to Get Twitter Verified ? For that you will have to share a personal document like a driver’s license.

According to Twitter, for the brands to get verified, the “public interest” shall include the public and popular figure and organization belonging to the following fields:

  • The figure must belong to the Music, TV, and Film industry
  • The figure must belong to the Fashion industry
  • The figure can be a governmental figure or a political figure
  • He/She can be a religious figure
  • He/She can also belong to the Media or Sports field and many more.

After you are through the verification process, you must wait for some time for Twitter to verify your details and provide you the verification badge. In case you fail to get the badge, you can try again in 30 days.

We believe that you have got enough information on How to get Twitter Verified in the above article.

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