10 Memory Improving Tips

There are many incidences when we forget some important dates, some incidence, or anything random. This is much expected when life gets busy and we are constantly running to gather errands for self. Today, we will discuss about memory improving tips.

In this major hustle and bustle of life, our lifestyles are getting disturbed, our eating habits have changed with time, quality of food products is also deteriorating, screen time is increasing, sleepless nights are becoming fashion and all of these are contributing well in constantly hampering our learning, memorizing and retention power.

There’s not just one reason why people are gradually losing their retention power. Age is one of the most common reasons yet children these days are also experiencing problems related to the same. Anything that happens to our body is not just a repercussion of one day act.

Any problem that triggers the body is a result of a series of acts done consciously as well as subconsciously. Our increasing exposure to technology is one of the major reasons for us to backing poor memory.

In this article, we have tried to provide several ways of memory improving tips. Some of these include advice regarding food habit management while some of these are just about inculcating few beneficial acts that can upgrade one’s memory.

10 Useful Memory Improving Tips

  1. Learning something new every day

One should never give up on learning. Memory strength is often compared with muscular strength, reason being, more you do hard and stenos body workout, stronger and susceptible your body built will be like.

Similarly, the more you try to learn new things and make your brain work hard to memorize things at random, the stronger it will become gradually.

It’s not a task of a single day. You need to practice this for a long and gradually its results will be seen in regular life.

For this, you can try anything like learning to play a new instrument, reading a book or a novel that includes several characters as it will enhance your brain activity to memorize names and incidences related to each character or one can try learning a new language, etc. Please remember these memory improving tips which can help better in future.

  1. Repetition

Repetition can be anyway, either you can say it loud so that you can again listen or you may write what you have learned.

Repetition is important because it helps the brain to reinforce neurons. It upgrades the memorizing ability of an individual.

Practicing retrieval can help you to collect information from your memory bank whenever and wherever required. But don’t try to retrieve immediately after you are done with memorizing that piece of knowledge.

Take some time, sit back, and few hours or a few days later try to retrieve whatsoever you learned. This is the second most important tip from the list of memory improving tips.

  1. Use abbreviations and mnemonics

Using mnemonics, abbreviations and acronyms make things way simpler to learn. These are just short form of an elaborated task to be learned. You need not follow already well-marketed mnemonics.

You can make your mnemonics according to your understanding of the subject. Also, one can try to make relatable or memorable stories to learn things effectively.

  1. Learn consciously

At times, we just keep on giving a read to a page yet in the end we know nothing about what we read or what we were trying to memorize. That’s mere because you weren’t conscious enough while reading. It is important to understand that effective and conscious read is important.

One should not be present at the moment just physically. Your mental presence is equally important. Else it will keep on wasting your time yet you’ll end up with nothing productive.

  1. Don’t Google

One should believe what one has learned. It might take you some time to memorize what you have learned but don’t just give up right away and start searching about the same on search engines.
Make an effective attempt to retrieve the piece of knowledge that you took into your mind. Don’t be lazy. Be firm enough to get success by doing hard work. Follow the memory improving tips to improve your memory power.

  1. Stay busy

The more you indulge yourself in non-productive activities, the more lazy and out of league you become. It’s important to keep yourself busy in work that not only serves the purpose of being busy but is equally effective in your personal growth.

  1. Limit your screen timing

The radiation emitted by laptops, mobile screens, TV screens, and other electronic gadgets tends to slow down the brain activity of an individual. It tends to hamper the sleep cycle of an individual which ultimately affects the memory of an individual in long run.

  1. Managing food intake

There are a few memory improving tips usually given by the dietitians to enhance memory and also reduces the chance of striking with diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

a. Prefer more plant-based foods like green leafy vegetables and fruits.
b. Prefer eating whole grain
c. Add more of omega 3 fatty acids found in fishes to the diet as it will enhance the process of regeneration of the brain and nerve cells.
d. Avoid taking alcohol and add red wine (but in limited and minimal quantity) as a substitute to the same.
e. Eat more of nuts on daily basis.

  1. Avoid taking these food items

You must avoid following food items in order to improve your memory.

a. Sugar; sugar is considered to be one of the most common reasons for impaired memory.
b. Processed food
c. Red meat
d. More salty food
e. Cheese and butter

  1. Medications to be avoided

A few medications are belonging to the class of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, hypertensive drugs, sedatives, and metformin add to the constant decrement of memory power.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have tried to engross many ways how one can try to improve their concentration power and memorizing skills to be more assertive. Also, ways of memorizing things may vary from person to person, but some general facts always remain the same. It’s great if you can cut short the input that aids to poor memory and inculcate those which are boon for self.

Stay healthy by including Daily Yoga in your schedule. It is very beneficial for better health.

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