How to Get Multi-level Marketing Success: A quick step-by-step guide for beginners

Multi-level marketing is a viable way for you to put a hedge between you and the economy. Creating real recession proof income is what you would call ultimate multi-level marketing success.

The economy has seen very minimal improvement and the unemployment rate is still recession era high, with 7% of Americans out of work. Many people are searching for other resources to have a livable income and have found multi-level marketing direct sales industry to be a viable solution.

The beautiful thing about network marketing is that it allows anyone from any background at any skill level to start a business in a turn-key system and leverage their network to create income. The challenge of network marketing is not finding the right product, compensation plan, or location.

Success to the newbie who may have just signed up is often eluded due to the anxiety of just getting started with no experience. At this point the biggest question now becomes, “How do I get multi-level marketing success?”

Multi-level marketing success basics:

1 – First Thing’s First; Ask yourself WHY do it in the first place?

It is very important that you have established your motive for getting into a multi-level marketing business. Is it money, time freedom, giving back to your church or community, or to pay off debt? What ever that reason is, your why must make you cry. It has to be so strong, so impactful in your life that the thought of not achieving your why is even more painful than the thought of what it takes to get it done.

2 – Get a List.

In network marketing , your capital investment is not about the money you invest to get started in the business. Your greatest capital is your list of people that you know. Now this is the part that most people are fearful of when it comes to this industry. However, I want to point out 2 things;

The first thing, is that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. People are afraid of what people may think. In order to have success in this or any other business you must remove any and all limiting beliefs.

best multi-level marketing success friendsThe second thing I want to point out is that there is a lot to say for when you make a referral to a friend.

Here’s why. If you were my friend and if I told you I tried xyz coffee yesterday and I really liked it. As my friend, your curiosity or interest in xyz coffee will be peaked. Suddenly you will get the desire to try xyz coffee yourself to see if I was right (that is if you’re a coffee drinker of course).

Now if you then follow through with that desire and go purchase a cup of xyz coffee and also like it, then you will be a repeat customer of xyz coffee. So then in effect I have brought xyz coffee company a new customer, that I didn’t get paid for.

Now imagine if xyz company were to say to me, “Summer, we will pay you $5 to just do what you did before.”? My simple referral to my friend has now become a source of revenue. This my friend is the power of your list. Your list has now become your capital.

So do not be fearful of this process. It is the key of your business. Create a list of 100 people that you know. Separate that list into people who you know would probably be customers and people who you know are interested in business opportunities.

DO NOT skip any step. It is critical and as I pointed out earlier it IS the capital funding of your business.

In the next step. I will tell you how to go about utilizing this list.

3 – Important! – You don’t know everything yet so be quiet

Imagine that you’ve just purchased the license for a McDonald’s restaurant. Would you expect to order all your supplies, hire employees and then just start operating it right away?

Wouldn’t you expect that the McDonald’s corporation would send out an experienced manager to help you out in the beginning, even provide training and other support so that you can effectively run your business?

McDonald’s is not in the business of having restaurants close it doors and shut down. As a matter of fact, when was the last time you ever saw a McDonald’s go out of business? The reason for this is that they let the experts do it.

They send out to each new restaurant an experienced franchisor to teach you the ropes and act as owner so that you can get it right and have your business running in tip top shape.

The same will happen for you when you start your business. You will have support of your experienced up-line members getting you familiar with the business and getting it off the ground.

So what you do when you start your mlm business? And how do you incorporate your list in this process?

Well follow these key steps from day one:

  • DO NOT try to tell others what the business is and what products it provides
  • DO NOT try to present the opportunity and give a business overview
  • DO NOT start to do a general advertisement to the world that you have started this business and you’re looking to recruit other business owners
  • DO inform people you know that you’ve just started a business and you’re having a grand opening for your friends and family to come see what your business is about
  • DO get your up-line on the phone to present the opportunity and get interest from the person you are sharing the opportunity with.
  • Do provide a gathering opportunity so that the experienced people can properly present the opportunity so that your list can make an educated informed decision
  • DO follow these do’s and don’ts so that you can begin to have multi-level marketing success from the beginning
4 – Ask for help

help multi-level marketing successSo you’ve just started with your mlm, you’ve created your list, and you’ve begun spreading the word that you’re now in business for yourself. What you want to do now is begin to ask people to help you by supporting your business and trying out one of your products or services.

That’s really it. Nothing too complicated. No sales gimmicks, no tricks.

That’s it. To the point. It serves its purpose in that it does one of two things:

It gets you a new customer

Two, your friend may like it so much that they will decide that there are other people they know that would like that product/service and that means that he/she could probably profit from selling it as well. This will bring you a new business partner.

5 – Keep it Simple; Follow the System

When you remove your limiting beliefs and recognize that the simpler you make things the better, then the more success you will have and you are telling the universe that you are open to receiving all the possibilities of the want you wish.

Staggered advertising success is simple. Really there are only two things to do, get customers and get business partners.

What you must also recognize is the less complicated you make this process for yourself, the more easily it can be duplicated within your business.

The more duplication that occurs in your business, the more success you will have and the more money you will make.

DO NOT try to put together fancy events and spend tons of money on fancy advertising.

Practice the key simple steps that you will learn from your up-line in the business.

Multi-level marketing businesses all have a simple to follow turn-key process that has been proven and that is why they want you to learn it.

The same way that a McDonald’s franchise has a proven system for each franchise and they want you to stick to that formula.

Let me show you why its important for you to stick to the set process.

Let’s use our Mcdonald’s franchise example again.

So you’ve opened up a McDonalds and you’ve decided, I’m going to make an even better burger and I’m going to make them a little thicker and juicier instead of these thin burgers that we currently use.

So now you’ve purchased thicker burgers and you teach your staff to cook these thicker juicier burgers.

Your staff cooks these thicker juicier burgers and now the time to cook them is a bit longer because they’re thicker.

So its taking longer to cook these burgers which means the less amount of burgers you will serve within that day

This also means the less amount of customers you can serve. So instead of serving 50 customers in one hour you’re now only serving 30 customers in one hour

You’re now only serving 30 customers in one hour so the less amount of $/hour in revenue

Now when it comes to revenue, realize that there is an expense that is subtracted from your revenue. Well even the expenses were estimated so that if you serve 1,000 burgers /day = $5,000 minus the operating expenses of the restaurant which could be $4,000 leaving you with a profit of $1000.

But now we’ve only served 600 burger/day (because they’re thicker burgers) = $3,000 minus the operating expenses of the restaurant., totaling a $1,000 deficit! Now you see how much not following the system could cost that you would lose lots of money.

Your best bet is to follow the system which is a proven formula to multi-level marketing success.

6 – Get a Mentor

A person who is experienced with having multi-level marketing success pushes you further
You see how they were able to overcome various obstacles and they’ve been there before so they can help you avoid the most common pitfalls

Your mentor is also the expert on the formula and could help you to simplify the system in your life so that it is easier for your to follow through with it. They are a great source of inspiration especially when you consider that they started off exactly where you are.

After getting a guide, the self-improvement aspect of Staggered advertising businesses is at the top of the list when it comes to benefits. I would argue to say that multi-level marketing success is a result of having an in place self-improvement program with a bonus compensation.

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