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Retro look is again back in fashion thanks to its evergreen appeal and classy aura. The retro clothing covers a wider period from 1920’s to the 1970’s during which the fashion industry witnessed a versatile range of style in monkeskate clothing, footwear, hair do and accessories. Albeit the styling trends varied by decades, there are some typical styles that are universally considered perfect for the desired retro look. If you too are interested in a retro look, go through the post below as its all about the tips on how to bring up that ideal retro feel.


When it comes to vintage clothing, you will find some specific patterns ruling the retro trend. The most common of these are the polka dot designs. There are both mini frocks and skirts adorned with polka dots to go for. Then, you have the maxi dresses, full length skirts as well as knee-length frocks and skirts with bows at belly and belts tied at the back. Much of the retro fashion was concentrated on heavy prints and glossy stuffs.


In regards to retro styled accessories, the trendiest is the head band. Besides, you have the oversized eye glasses, floral clips, hats etc. Bulky bracelets and earrings with big hoops in different colors would work good as well. A prominent retro style was to use same color accessories matching with the shade of the apparel. When it comes to bags, there are colorful purses and slim leather handbags to choose from.

Hair styles

Retro hair dos were really stylish and comprised of a diverse range of intricate designs much in contrast to the minimalist hair do designs of the contemporary fashion era. The much loved retro hairdos are victory rolls, pin curls. Hair puffs, bouffant, head wrap etc. The vintage hairdo fashion was mostly focused on tying up the tresses in beautiful designs rather than keeping the tresses loose and untied which is common in the modern fashion zone.


If you want to follow a retro fashion with the footwear, go for gumboots for shorter dresses and high heeled shoes for both shorter and longer attires.

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