The charm of sunny Doha, Qatar

Many countries in the Middle East are fortunate enough to have an inexhaustible supply of oil, which allows some cities to develop a total capacity. But, to keep up with its neighbors Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Doha, the capital of Qatar, is also pushing ahead.

Doha boldly promotes its beauty and art, letting the world know what a wonderful and fast-paced city it is. The capital of Qatar has tremendous potential to become one of the world’s leading destinations. Whether you are planning a short trip or just making a stopover, a visit to Doha will be a memorable experience.

Getting to know the culture and heritage of Doha can be your first event in the city; it will allow you to fully understand and highlight not only the history of Doha but its people as well. The capital’s many forts and towers reflect the rich architecture of Islamic art. While walking around Doha, do not miss the opportunity to ride the Dhow, one of the country’s traditional boats. A trip on a yacht will especially appeal to romantic couples when one by one, the horizons of the capital will open. The desert safari in an off-road vehicle will be another memorable adventure. Driving through smooth sandy hills and dunes, where temperatures can reach 50 ° C, will thrill your nerves.

Doha offers travelers a wide variety of entertainment options: water sports, camel and horse racing, golf, and when the time comes to slow things down, the majestic sandy beaches offer a relaxed atmosphere for relaxation. First, however, don’t leave Doha without getting to know the Oryx, symbolizing Qatar and living in the Al Mahi Nature Reserve. The reserve is famous not only for these milky white rare antelopes but also for being “the first Arab nation to protect the Oryx.”

You can also have a great time in Doha shopping or heading to the city’s nightclubs. Traditional street markets and bazaars, modern shopping centers, hookah lounges – enjoy every minute of your holiday.

Doha Hamad International Airport (DOH)

Doha Airport, also known as Hamad International Airport (DOH), is the main gateway to the city and a convenient connecting point for flights to/from Asia. The airport opened in April 2014 and was designated as the New Doha International Airport during construction, replacing Qatar Airport, located just 5 km west of the new Hamad International Airport. The airport is home to Qatar Airways, known for its high level of service. The airport itself is located just 4 km from the city of Doha. You can find flights to Doha and connecting flights to Doha on any related website by comparing the prices of various agencies and choosing the option that suits you.

The new airport offers world-class services to passengers, and the terminal has a capacity of 30 million passengers. The airport’s only terminal is divided into five lounges (ABCDE). Here you will find a variety of shops with global brands, food courts, restaurants and cafes. In addition, Doha Airport (Hammam) has free Wi-Fi. You will also find a classic and extended range of various services for passengers, including a five * hotel.

About 50 airlines currently fly to Doha Airport to over 150 destinations around the world. Hammam Airport is snowballing and is becoming an increasingly important aviation hub thanks to the rapid growth of Qatar Airways, which operates more than 80% of all flights, covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Asia Pacific, North and South America. In 2014, it was the 20th busiest airport in the world.

The spirit of Doha currently lies in preparing for the main event – the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.
An Arab country has never received the right to host a championship around it, so this is a big deal for Qatar’s prestige and fame.

The city is actively building stadiums, and it is to expect from Doha for the first time in history, the championship will be held in November-December in Qatar. Corporate Car Rental Companies In Doha will be providing its best service to tourists and locals alike for the world cup.

It is scheduled significantly adjusted to Qatar’s climatic features in summer. The heat reaches plus 50; therefore, November and December is the proper time to overcome fat Qataris pledged to equip Odeon and cooling systems for air support.

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