Travel with Baby / Toddler by Plane

A journey from a carefree couple to a responsible Parents. Travel with Baby for the first time on plane can be a nightmare, but here are some useful tips to make your Holidays a Perfect Fairy Tale.

When it is safe to travel with baby?

Whenever you feel safe and secure you can fly / travel with baby, but most of the airlines allow one week old babies.

How to Plan your Plane Travel with baby?

Flights can be very uncomfortable for babies/toddlers, if your baby taking a dummy or a bottle, or a breastfeed ensure that they do while during take-off and landing to avoid the painful little ears.

To avoid painful ear, give Nurofen or any suitable Painkiller before boarding into plane. Always take extra sachets of Calpol or Nurofen for Children when travelling.

Babies on Formula milk, you can bring powder formula as its less weight and can ask the boil milk on plane.

6 months above babies can have Baby Food if requested.

Wipes are very essential. Not just for nappy changes, but for sticky hands and faces too.

Don’t forget Nappy changer cloth, some plastic bags for diaper, small bottles of disinfecting hand gel, baby wash, and baby lotion.

Bring your Babies favourite toy, rhymes books, download some cartoon on your laptop, Tablet or Phone as it will help off boredom.

Blanket or any Accessories which he/she is use too for sleeping.

In most of the cases, you are allowed to carry a car seat for baby if you have booked a separate seat.

Drink plenty of water/milk whenever he/she wants it, as babies can become dehydrated more as compared to adults.

Most airlines allow you to keep your Pushchair/Buggies until you board the plane, so you can keep it with you for those inevitable delays (and mile long walks to the gate).

Buggies and Pushchair are allowed by most of the airlines until you board the plane, and can have them soon after you land at gate check. If this service is not available, you can have airport Buggies/ Pram as well.

Tips to Travel with Baby on Plane:

  • Check in early to request airline extra leg space seat if available.
  • Most airline offers bassinet on request for under 10 kg babies.
  • Etihad Airlines provides designated Air Nanny, which can be very helpful for the new mommies.
  • Parents with Babies or a Toddler can Priority Check-In.
  • Travel with Baby/Toddler by Plane

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