Unhealthy Eating Habits Effects : How to Change Them

Living a healthy life is one of the priority of most of us. Isn’t it ? So, today we will discuss about some of the major Unhealthy Eating Habits Effects which may hamper healthy lifestyle.

Just sit back for a while and concentrate on yourself and then onto the people around you.

What do you find? You would find that most of the people around you are so much into hassles to make their life more worth, concentrating on how to increase their net worth or what to do this weekend. Isn’t it?

But we often forget that there’s some common requirement for every task we do or plan to do in near future and that is good health. Until unless a person owes good health, none of the above or any desired activity is possible.

Our continuous life hassles, struggles, and work stress often tend to exert our physical and mental fitness and wellbeing, and these proceeds towards getting even worse when we ignore our eating habits on a constant basis and in the same regards we will be discussing the unhealthy eating habits effects. An unhealthy lifestyle is the most common trait that people are following these days are and thus often end up experiencing various health issues like Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Fatty liver disease, Bloating, etc.

Unhealthy lifestyle is not just about unhealthy food habits but also includes other daily activities like not including some physical activity in routines like yoga or jogging, having addiction towards nicotine, morphine, alcohol, smoking, overeating and under eating also come under the same but most common reason why unhealthy lifestyle makes people often suffer from diseases is the quality, quantity and complete procedure including the time of taking meals.

The human body never demands the excess quantity of food but craves good quality of food and here the quality isn’t about the name brand where you go to have your meals but about the nutritional value of food. The nutrient content of food is responsible for fulfilling our body thus making it sufficient enough to do all odd jobs as and when required.

Why inculcate good food habits?

Our food habits often decide our working efficiency, now be it for a person at the workplace or for a homemaker. Poor nutrition can act as a hurdle for us to enjoy our life at its best. When the body is prone to Unhealthy Eating Habits Effects, then body attracts illness and if the cycle of poor nutrition continues then this general frequent illness is potent enough to become chronic and can at times prove to be fatal. Poor nutrition not only hampers physical activeness but deteriorates mental awareness as well.

If a person continues to take food with extremely less nutritional value for long, then is at higher risk of developing diseases.

Unhealthy Eating Habits Effects following diseases:

  • Being under or overweight (obesity)
  • Obesity often leading to cardiovascular diseases
  • Eating disorders like Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, etc.
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes; Mainly Type 2 diabetes
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Bone related disorders like Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Osteoarthritis
  • High cholesterol
  • Tooth decay

Hair loss and untimely graying of hair

According to a study, Protein-energy malnutrition contributes to about 60% of death in total 10 million deaths of children less than 5 years of age, and the most common form of protein malnutrition seen in children are Kwashiorkor and Marasmus.

Thus, diseases related to poor nutrition can affect any age group if not taken into consideration timely.

How to manage your food intake?

Whenever a person gets conscious about his food intake is the best time to modulate the daily intake by converting the previous unhealthy eating habits into healthy ones which aims to uplift physical and mental self. There are many ways how one can gradually inculcate healthy food habits in routine.

One should initially try to reduce the intake of general addictions like nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, smoke, etc. if any. And once the intake decreases than should slowly aim to give up because the body can show negative response if these are made to quit at sudden thus should rehabilitate gradually.

Decrease the quantity of sugar and salt in food. Salt is majorly responsible for causing fluffiness, water retention, and high blood pressure in an individual. According to some studies, too much sugar take can cause bone density deterioration. Apart from this one should avoid taking carbonated drinks as they contain a high amount of sugars along with soda which accelerates the process of bone decay thus leading to bone diseases in the near future.

One should plan meals according to their nutritive value. Some major contents are a must in the diet to stay away from Unhealthy Eating Habits Effects. One must never ignore the presence of chapatti, fresh fruits, and milk in a regular diet. A balanced diet comprises all the above-mentioned contents on a necessity basis.

Maintaining an adequate amount of water is also very important. Staying hydrated is the foremost requirement to keep the body going through stress. Even slight decrement in body water content can make a person go through immediate stresses, headaches, dizziness and can even faint in severe cases of dehydration. This is one of the point to stay away from Unhealthy Eating Habits Effects.

We often mistake eating food as a daily activity and not giving it that important as much as we give to other works. Intake of food is not just about having a bite and gulping it but is way more than this.

The mindset with which one consumes food is also important. If the person is under various kinds of stresses then it is considered that food doesn’t make an aimed impact on our body. One should eat food with a happy and positive mindset by being thankful to all mighty for everything, sitting with loved ones, without any distractions like mobile, laptop, or television.

It is advised to add some physical activity to a daily regime like normal stretching, yoga, jogging, etc. It makes body demand correct and naturally desired food.

We often took food according to our taste buds and not according to our body requirements. It is important to judge what you eat and choose the content wisely according to the body demands, also different individual owe different body types thus quantity and nature of food also varies with distinct body types.

It is advisable to follow few tips on how to loss weight and some good ideas to have a healthy breakfast, which you can explore in detail in our recent published article “7 Top Weight Loss Breakfast Ideas for Healthy Living“.

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