Pre-Writing Skills Development: Importance and Necessity

What is pre-writing skills development?

Pre-writing skills development is important for the children before they step up into the education life because these skills will help children to increase their ability to hold the pencils, color and also teach them how to use pencils and practice them to withdraw and color as well.

Another main component of writing skills development is that teaching your children about shapes as well. This will also help them a lot when they are ready to go to school.

Why are these pre-writing skills development important for children? 

If you don’t practice your children about how to hold a pencil and write or draw then how he/she will be able to write the alphabetical letter in school this would be tougher for them if they are not able to hold the pencil properly so for this thing these pre-writing skills are important this will help the children to be prepared for taking the education and child will easily able to do everything if they have pre-writing skills then they don’t have to struggle a lot. This will also improve your child’s mental health as well your child’s mind starts developing more as compared to others who don’t have pre-writing skills.

Which steps are important or necessary for pre-writing skills development in children?

The steps which are important in pre-writing skills development are as mentioned below:-

1. Hand and finger strength- Tell your child how to hold the pencil with the help of your hand and finger how to balance between them for holding it properly.

2. Crossing the midline- Tell the children the difference between the two sides with an imagination like dividing the body into two parts from nose to toe and then one side is called the left and the other is called the write so this will help them understand about the two sides.

3. Pencil grasp- Tell them how to hold and move the pencil at a normal speed.

4. Hand-eye coordination- Teach them how to make coordination between the hands and eyes which will help them in the process of writing. For example, if you see an alphabet then make coordination so that your eyes will help to guide your hand to make that alphabet this is called coordination between hand and eye.

5. Bilateral integration- Teach them how to work with both hands together like if you write with a right hand that doesn’t mean your left hand is useless it is useful and you have to tell your children to work with both hands like if you are writing with a right hand then use your left hand for paper holding or for holding eraser, sharper, etc. This is the meaning of bilateral integration.

6. Upper body strength- Tell children to use their upper body strength for holding the pencil properly and this will give energy to hands also to do work.

7. Object manipulation- Teach your children about how to use and move tools like how to use scissors with safety? How to use colors and where to use? Where not to use? It gives them knowledge about using daily useful tools like toothbrush, comb, etc. So these little things will help them a lot when they are ready to go to school.

8. Visual perception- Work hard to increase your children’s visual perception like how to learn the alphabet letter, Numbers, etc so that they are familiar with these things and when these things happen in school your children will be able to understand in one go.

What are the activities which are helpful for improving the pre-writing skills in children? 

1. Lacing- Teach them how to tie up your laces with different sizes of laces.

2. Play-doh – Make sure that your child will spend it’s time in these kinds of activities like rolling pins, hiding things, and using the blocks for making constructive things as well. These activities are very helpful in developing the mind.

3. Scissor- Teach them how to work with scissors and let them do the activities of cutting shapes and pasting them. This will be helpful for them in mind development.

4. Tongs-Tell them to use tongs for picking up any object.

5. Drawing- Give them colors and let them free to draw and then remind them about the name of colors. This is helpful in learning the color name for them.

6. Everyday activities- Teach your children about doing those activities which are helpful for hand and fingers like opening a jar, containers, etc.

7. Pre-writing shapes-Show your children about the blocks having different shapes and help them to recognize the shapes.

8. Craft– Tell them about the crafts as well as give them colored paper and other things and let them free to make the things that will develop their mind when they think about what to attach and where?

Why are these pre-writing skills important for children?

These pre-writing skills are very important for each child because if they fail to get these skills maybe they have to suffer in their entire academic time so if you want that your child is not in the name of those who are suffering so make sure that you will them pre-writing skills which are important for making their base in education as well. These can do these improvements in your children: 

  • When they know these skills this will help them in their exams and they have more power to understand the thing for the first time.
  • When your child is well known with these skills so your child feels comfortable in school also and learns everything with ease.
  • These skills are helpful in making the children ready to do self-care like doing up your buttons etc.
  • They don’t have to face difficulties in writing and drawing as well because they are well familiar with these things in pre-writing skills.
  • Make your child multitasking as well.
  • Your child will be able to secure good grades when they know pre-writing skills.

All children are not alike, some can understand the thing in one go and some can’t understand after many times as well so what to do?

Don’t worry about it.

There are many children who face difficulty in understanding the pre-writing skills don’t worry, just consult with the occupational therapist.

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